Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso on the Defense of Free Speech

May 8, 2016 / News

Freedom of speech is the last defense against tyranny and oppression, and it is being chipped away at, bit-by-bit, every day, at every level.

I attended the First Annual “Free Expression Awards” in DC a few weeks ago. One of honorees was James Risen, the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist. Risen wrote a book exposing a very questionable CIA operation. While writing the book, his email and phone were monitored by the CIA, along with his credit card and bank records, and who knows what else. The Bush administration took Risen to court to force him to reveal his source, which is not surprising. However, the Obama administration did not drop it and instead went after Risen even more aggressively than the Bush administration. After a 7-year legal battle ending up in the Supreme Court in 2014, and Risen refusing to reveal his source, the Supreme Court actually ruled AGAINST Risen and effectively against freedom of the press. Risen was facing federal prison time before the attorney general got directly involved in 2015.

Defending the 1st Amendment in the 21st Century is more important than ever.

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